My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Child for Christmas in New York

My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Child for Christmas in New York

A family dispute can lead to the separation of civil partnership and child custody will be your biggest concern. The worst scenario is when your ex-spouse does not let you see your child. Whether it’s been months, you’re unable to see your kids or want to spend Christmas with them in New York. Your former partner may block your way. So, what are you going to do?

File a lawsuit against your partner to court

There are many things to do to see your children. One of those is by filing a case against your former spouse. However, the process can be long and stressful. The Christmas celebration you want to achieve won’t happen. Plus, other special events will be a dream. Spending quality time during birthdays and other essential school occasions will not happen as you wish.

Take advantage of a mediation specialist

Did you miss your children? Have you been not seeing them for months now? Whatever the case may be, hiring a highly capable mediator would be of great help. The chance of spending a quality moment with your kids during the Christmas season will be higher than you have ever thought.

Unlike the court trials, the process of mediation is fast and convenient. It is perfect for those who yearn for their children. If you have any plans to do during the long Christmas season, everything will happen according to your expectations.

Child custody mediation: a closer look

The lack of time to spend with kids after a divorce is stressful without a doubt. The conflict intensifies by a partner who controls the custody. This is where mediation comes in. It provides parents with a valuable and excellent alternative to an overwhelming divorce. Through the help of an experienced mediator, both parties have the chance to work together. They will also create a parenting plan that honors each parent’s contribution to their children’s upbringing.

Why you should take advantage of a child custody mediation

  • It Is Non-Adversarial. Mediation can be considered a collaborative process with common goals that suit your children. Compared to the adversarial divorce process, child custody mediation focuses on what’s best for the kids. With this process, you can establish an effective parenting plan that involves each parent in the children’s lives. Instead of suing for custody of your kids, take the professional help of a mediator into account.


  • It is Easier on your Kids. Divorce has a negative impact on children. Although you have good intentions, remember that it’s your attorneys’ job to do everything in their power to fight for you. This creates a situation where your kids are caught in the middle. Instead of filing a lawsuit against your ex-spouse, think a million times. Compared to the traditional solution to solve a dispute, mediation focuses on the right solution for your kids.


  • It is Free of Blame. It’s no surprise that both parties blame one another for the separation of their civil partnership. This makes it very difficult to work together harmoniously on raising the kids. Taking advantage of a mediator, on the other hand, will be a different case. Not only can it help you set aside the desire to blame others, but it also provides an opportunity to create a parenting plan.

So, when your ex-spouse does not let you see your child for Christmas in New York, mediation is good to go!


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